Top 5 Kids Party Ideas that Can be Organised in a Play Centre


Birthdays are always special and they become extra special if there is a kid celebrating it. This is the case observed everywhere, be it Melbourne or any other part of the world. At this time, their excitement and happiness is at its peak. After all, they know that their parents are going to make the most out of this day.

On the other hand, for you, as a parent, it might become tougher with every passing birthday to come up with some unique idea. But, all you know is that you want to do something different to see that smile on your kid’s face.

Well, apart from the home parties and restaurant celebrations, how about arranging your kid’s birthday party this year in the play centre Melbourne?

The concept of kids play centre in Melbourne is booming like anything. As the kids may get fussy being at home for long hours, these play centres prove to be a boon for the parents. With different amenities and exciting activities here, the kids really have a gala time playing with the other kids.

The best part is; you can even organise birthday parties in these play centres as they have a special allocated place where you have all the liberties to organise the way you wish to. With the theme party trend getting escalated around the globe, below-mentioned are some exciting theme ideas that you can inculcate while selecting the best play centre in Melbourne for your kid’s birthday.

kids play centre melbourne 

  1. Pirate Party

Little boys are crazy about pirates and they really love playing fighting games. Adding this theme to your kid’s birthday party this year can double up their level of happiness instantly. Some kids play centre in Melbourne has themed pirate room where you can further organise games, dance and food to make your birthday boy’s day super special.

  1. Princess Party

The pirate party theme won’t attract the little girls, so how about arranging princess party theme for them? The pretty little girls cannot look better than getting dressed up as a princess. You can always team up the theme with exciting games, fancy dress competition, and magic games and so on. The mascots present at the play centre in Melbourne will lead the party kids with songs and games.

  1. Disco Party

When we have already given some exciting ideas for the toddlers, how can we forget older children? With the current trend of enjoying a birthday party with dance and music, the disco party is yet another option that can you arrange for your child. This can totally keep your kid and the guests entertained, no matter what age they fit in. The best play centre in Melbourne has this specially themed disco room where you can add all the accessories of your choice like a karaoke or a small stage to add all the glitters to the birthday party.

  1. Bouncy Castle

The play centres have an amazing bouncy castle, something that your kid loves to play for hours. Adding this to your theme party idea will keep your kid and the friends equipped, playing and having fun in the bouncy castle. As this is the most common thing available in the kids play centre in Melbourne, considering it for your kid’s birthday party won’t require any special arrangement.

  1. Magician

While among your different toddler guests, how about adding a surprise guest? Children have a great fascination towards magic and having a magician amidst them in their birthday party can be a great way to keep them entertained. Moreover, while the magician is showing the tricks, you can also get your kids being seated at one place for long enough to give you a rest, while you eat and chat with your guests.


Aren’t these ideas, great enough to inculcate in your kid’s upcoming birthday party? Well, with the different play centre in Melbourne, you really have an ample of opportunities to explore and select the one of your choice.  If you are confused in selecting one, read our blog on essential things that you need to consider while selecting a play centre.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose from among these fascinating ideas and cherish the happy face of your kid while you see him/her enjoying on the big day.