7 Reasons Every Kid Should Visit a Play Centre


Kids love to play with the ones of their own age groups. They love playing around the streets, having fun with various outdoor games instead of just focusing on television and other indoor games. But this is risky and unsafe hence, it is necessary to provide them with an ideal environment where they can have fun and are also safe at once. This gave rise to the concept of the play centre in Melbourne and every other part of the world – a place where every kid would definitely love to be a part of.

A play centre is a dedicated place for kids to play in a safe environment and most importantly it gives them a chance to play with other kids. These play centres help them indulge in various activities that improve their communication skills while interacting and playing in the safe environment.

How Does a Play Centre Work for Your Kids?

The kids’ play centre in Melbourne strongly believes in:

  • Learning while playing
  • Family involvement where parents are the first educators of their children
  • Child-initiated play to make them strong, capable and competent of making their own choices

Play centre in Melbourne encourages various age groups from birth to school age, so that the parents with more than one child can attend as a family. It believes that the mixed-age sessions offer excellent learning opportunities for all age groups. Hence, it has different age groups ranging from:

  • New Born Babies – 0-2 years
  • Toddlers – 2-3 years
  • Preschoolers – 3-5 years

Why Should Your Kid Visit a Play Centre?

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There are many reasons involved while letting your kid visit a play centre. So what are they?

  1. Play Centres are Safe for Your Kids

Not every play area is suitable for kids of all ages. The safety concern is the primary aspect and these kids play centre in Melbourne offers you the desired safety for your kids. There is generally a specially trained team to monitor your children, giving you a peace of mind that your kids are in good hands.

  1. Play Centres Offer Designated Play Areas for All Ages

The play centres are divided into various age zones. There is a baby zone for children aged till 2 years, a toddler zone for kids 2 to 5 years old and the main zone for kids from 5 to 11 years old. Doing so helps every age group to play comfortably without the fear that your child will get hurt by older children or will play with something that is not appropriate for their age.

  1. Play Centres are located at Convenient Locations

Finding the best play centre in Melbourne will definitely have this criterion. After all, there is nothing better than finding a great place nearby that can entertain your kids thoroughly. This will not only help you avoid unnecessary travel time but will also offer you the liberties of hopping there any time when you feel your kid is getting cranky and needs to play.

  1. Play Centres Offer Friendly Menus for both Kids and Adults

A play centre menu is not only kid-centric. While every parent will accompany their kids over here, there is a special arrangement, a menu that will not only appeal you but also keep you healthy. It definitely is a treat to watch your kids play while you are relaxing and munching your favourite snacks on the menu.

  1. Play Centres Provide the Facility of Private Venue Hire for Kids

If you want to organise a party for your kids and guests, these kids play centres in Melbourne offer you with a perfect venue where you can exclusively use the area as per your wish. The play centre team even helps you manage a truly unique event. Planning a private event in the play area will definitely make your kids’ day.

  1. Play Centres are Clean, Bright and Welcoming

The aura of the play centre is itself welcoming and you feel like visiting them often with your kids. Moreover, as children have low immunity, the staff over there tries their best to keep the play centres in a sparkling clean state without any dirt, dust or unorganised spaces. In short, these play centres give your kid security, safety as well as fun time – everything that you want to give to your kid while at play.

  1. Play Centres Organise Unique Birthdays with Fun Themes and Unlimited Play

The best play centre in Melbourne has creative ideas to organise birthdays for your kids in the most innovative way. If your kid loves a particular cartoon and you want to arrange a theme party based on that, the play centres will help you execute it in the best possible way. Throwing a birthday party for your kids in this way will make them and guests remember it for a lifetime.


A play centre in Melbourne provides you and your kids with convenient play centre hours and location. It offers you a safe and clean play area, according to the various age groups. Moreover, a friendly team is always there to help you plan a special event for your kids and lastly, a full-service menu for you to sit back and eat while watching your kids play. Aren’t these reasons exciting enough to take your kids to the play centre?

Consider finding the best play centre near you and give you and your kids an enjoyable and a relaxing time. Here’s our blog on important things that you need to consider while selecting a play centre. After all, it’s best when families grow together like this.